A Few Thoughts

  • I’d frequently heard that small classes are the way to go. Now, being in a class of three – yes, three – students, I can safely say that the learning experience in a tiny class is great… usually. We power through certain topics and have the flexibility to spend more time on topics that confuse us. There’s tons of one-on-one time. However, four hours of nonstop Spanish can be incredibly draining. Daydreaming? You just missed what the prof said and there’s a pretty good chance she’ll call on you. Didn’t do your homework? That’s embarrassing. Always be on your game.
  • Order drinks; eat for free. (More on food in my next post.)
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Seeing friends’ Facebook posts about hanging out together and feeling sad… even though I just came back from 1€ margaritas. Nothing can replace friends from back home. 
  • Time differences suck. 
  • Hello again, home Wi-Fi. Long time no see. Internet cafés, you shall not be missed.

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