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A Midweek Getaway: Taking care of our mental health

As an advocate for mental health, I know how important it is to take time off from a busy semester to do things purely out of pleasure. Still, this is easier said than done. Just thinking about the assignments waiting for you when you get back is often enough to turn people off of taking a break. It’s a tough mentality to get out of. However, if you actually do go away, you come back feeling so much more refreshed than when you left. Another plus is that it breaks the semester up into smaller chunks so it doesn’t feel like you’re spending day after day studying. So, if you’re in a bad headspace or you’re simply feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Your mental health is number one. School will wait.

During fall reading week, my friend Julia and I set out for the great Canadian Rockies. We spent one night in Banff then explored and skied Lake Louise the next day. The snow wasn’t great because it was opening week but it was fantastic to be out on the slopes again regardless. More than anything, it was humbling and refreshing to experience a world of which we ourselves were not the centre. We tend to let stress take over our lives when in reality, the problems we face are rather small in the grand scheme of things.

A Mental Health Getaway to the Canadian Rockies

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