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Mediterranean in March

Mediterranean sea Spain

My last day in town before heading off to Dubai, my friend decided we should do something super chulo (rad). With Mother Nature on our side, we headed off to soak up the sun. Like, on a beach. In March. What?! One minute we were cruising along through ordinary Spanish countryside, and the next we…

Paris, The City of Lights

Paris sunset Eiffel Tower

You know that awesome feeling when the hopes and expectations you had about someone or something are exceeded? Paris brought that out in me. Honestly, it probably would not have even cracked my top 10 places to visit prior to this past weekend. I always figured it was somewhere I should go, but I had other interests….

Carnaval en Cádiz

Chances are you’re familiar with either Carnaval in Brazil or Venice’s Carnevale. Well, it turns out that Cádiz, a nearby town, holds a similar event every year. While not as extravagant as the other two, Carnaval en Cádiz is a spectacle of its own kind. Think Halloween in February, minus the candy and with a…

Granada: Food & dining

Granada tapa wine

This month has been one of discovery in just about every way, including in terms of deciding what to eat. Back home, if I’m eating out, I’ll pick from a plethora of cultural options. It doesn’t quite work that way in Granada. Sure, there are a few Japanese/Mexican/Italian restaurants, but the vast majority are Spanish….

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