Dubrovnik on a Budget

Dubrovnik on a Budget: Why the Dubrovnik Card is a No-Brainer

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone and their dog is going to Dubrovnik? Just three or four years ago, I knew a handful of people who had been. Now it appears that the Pearl of the Adriatic has soared to the top of people’s bucket lists. (I’d be curious to know how much influence Game of Thrones has had on Dubrovnik’s tourism.) Having finally had the chance to visit last month, I can completely understand why Dubrovnik is on everyone’s radar. How many cities can boast views that even come close to this?

View from the walls of Dubrovnik

Not only is Dubrovnik gorgeous, but it’s also unfathomably clean, historically fascinating, and will leave you with an empty wallet before you can say, “King’s Landing.” 

Dubrovnik is considerably more expensive than other parts of Croatia and the Balkans. This is nothing new. For decades, Dubrovnik was a luxury vacation destination without the luxury price tag of places like the French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast. Despite the inflated cost, it’s very possible to visit Dubrovnik on a budget, especially with a little help from the tourism board.

The Dubrovnik Card

I find that city cards are often hit or miss. Some don’t offer a big enough discount to make it worth the money; others don’t even include the main attractions. The Dubrovnik Card is a hit. Here’s why budget travellers shouldn’t think twice about purchasing one.

What the Dubrovnik Card includes

The Dubrovnik Card provides free entry to 9 city attractions:

Southeast of the city in a town called Cavtat, the Dubrovnik Card includes free entry/discounts to:

In addition, all public transit is free for the duration of the Dubrovnik Card and many restaurants in the Old Town will offer a 10-15% upon presentation of the card.

The Rector's Palace and Cultural Historical Museum of Dubrovnik

The Rector’s Palace (right), in which the Cultural Historical Museum is located.

Dubrovnik Card Types and Prices  

There are three types of Dubrovnik Card: 1-Day, 3-Day and 7-Day. I would highly suggest buying your card online and picking it up in town to save 10%. All prices below include the 10% online discount.

1-Day Card: 171 kn (23€)

3-Day Card: 225 kn (30€)

7-Day Card: 315 kn (43€)

The type of card you buy will depend on the length of your stay, but I would say that a 1-Day Dubrovnik Card is sufficient for most short stays. Our trip to Dubrovnik lasted two and a half days. Within the 24 hours our card was active, we visited three of the nine free attractions, not because we were short on time, but because those were the three that most interested us. We could have visited others but we decided that we had more than made up for the cost of the card by walking the walls, seeing the Maritime Museum and Cultural Historical Museum, and taking the bus.

The museums we saw were quite small and easily done in half an hour. The walls are what take up the biggest chunk of time – about two hours – so do them at the beginning of the day when the crowds are thinnest or after the museums close. My suggestion would be to walk the walls and pick a handful of museums you’d like to see. This will easily make up for the cost of the card.

The Old Port of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Maritime Museum is located above the Old Port.

Is the Dubrovnik Card worth the price?

If you’re still not convinced the Dubrovnik Card is worth it, let’s look at how much these attractions would cost you without the Dubrovnik Card.

  • Dubrovnik City Walls: 150kn (20€)

Entry to the walls alone nearly makes up for the cost of the Dubrovnik Card.

The following museums and galleries available through the Dubrovnik Card can be visited with a single ticket that costs 120kn (16€).

  • Cultural Historical Museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Art Gallery Dubrovnik
  • Gallery Dulcic-Masle-Pulitika
  • House of Marin Drzic
  • Natural History Museum

The advantage of this ticket is that it’s valid for 7 days, though I doubt you’d need more than two to see everything. Individual tickets to the attractions range from 30 to 80kn (4-10€).

Not included is the Franciscan Monastery Museum (30kn/4€), public transportation, and discounts to restaurants, spas, and more.

Total cost for all city attractions included in Dubrovnik Card: 300kn (40€)

As you can see, the Dubrovnik Card is your best bet for visiting most of the city’s major attractions at an affordable price. Both the 1-Day and 3-Day cards are cheaper than paying individual entrance fees. Even the 7-Day card is only 15kn more, but it includes bus fare and other discounts. The only circumstance in which the Dubrovnik Card wouldn’t be worthwhile is if you were to skip the greatest attraction of all: the walls.

Red rooftops over Dubrovnik

I would NOT recommend you skip the walls.

Have you visited Dubrovnik recently? Did you purchase a Dubrovnik Card to help cut costs? Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to share this post if you found it useful!

Dubrovnik on a Budget


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    July 29, 2017

    Really informative and thorough breakdown of the Dubrovnik Card! It really gives you the opportunity to see a lot – I’m really impressed. I visited Dubrovnik over a year ago, and I agree with you – a walk along the city walls cannot be missed!

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    This is me

    September 19, 2018

    Don’t buy it if you have a student card.
    You will regret.

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